Relaxing breathing technique!

Let’s talk about Alternate Nostril Breathing!

Imagine having a tool in your wellness toolbelt that is always with you and helps you feel relaxed, focused and balanced! Learning a breathing technique is easy and so rewarding. You always have your breath with you! And if you don’t have your breath, then we have bigger problems! 

Breathing is the only body function that we can control, so why not take full advantage of it?

This breathing technique is called Nadi Shodhana (nah-dee show-DAH-nah) and it helps you feel calmer, relaxed and balanced.  The literal translation from Sanskrit is Channel (Nadi) cleansing/purifying (Shodhana). 

Benefits of using Essential Oils with this technique!

When we combine this breathing technique with the therapeutic benefits of essential oils, we create an extra tool for ourselves. This technique is great because it only requires your breath so it can be performed anytime anywhere. But when we add oils – Frankincense for grounding, Lavender for calming, Peppermint for uplifting and focus, Valor for courage, Peace&Calming for inner peace and Stress Away to release those stressful feelings – we link the scent of these oils through our sense of smell with our limbic system of the brain. The limbic system is refered to as the “seat of emiotion” so when we smell that scent the next time our brain will link it to the emotion of calmness and balance. If you don’t have the oils yet – here is where you can get yours

Ready to learn this awesome technique! I got a video ready for you!

Happy WORLD Compliment Day!

Internet tells me that every March 1 is WORLD Compliment day!

I did go and Google it and love that we have celebration days for everything even for things like popcorn and margaritas! GIVE ME A REASON TO CELEBRATE and I WILL BE THERE! So this World Compliment Day got me thinking – Do people realize that they have limiting beliefs that manifest when receiving compliments. The best way to know if you have this belief is to pay attention to how you respond to a compliment – “Hey, Katie, you are so good with words!” and you respond “Well actually in high school I would always do so bad in English that I never thought I was good with words?” WHAT? That is a true indicator that a limiting belief exists! If you are new to the term limiting belief – let’s define what that is…


Limiting Belief – a lie that someone told us about ourselves and we believed it at some point in our life or a story that our mind made up to protect us from getting hurt. At some point in our lives, we had an experience which our brain decided to adopt as truth and we began to live our life with that lie being our compass! But we are not tied to those beliefs we can always change our mind and our course if it doesn’t serve us. We are not practicing self-love if we are dismissing the compliment due to our limiting belief.


It’s so empowering to realize what’s holding us back. Yes, that means we need to change our mindset and do some personal growth but it also means that we are peeling another layer to operate from the heart and create a life full of purpose! It ties right into self-love! When you practice self-love and someone gives you a compliment it has to feel radiating, put a smile on your face, make you think “I am so grateful for this acknowledgment of my talent, dress, family etc. that I am proud of”


Step 1: Realize why you can’t except the compliment?

Step 2: What created the limiting belief that prevents you from accepting a compliment?

Step 3: Ask yourself – Is that the belief I want to keep?

If the answer is NO, create a positive affirmation that shifts your mindset from that limiting belief. Choose an oil that helps you tie the feeling that you want to move towards! Yoga poses and chakras will depend on the limiting belief that you will uncover. Feel free to reach out to me to help you figure out what poses and chakras to focus on!

So I leave you with this – “You are beautiful! You are unique! You are enough!” Accept this as your truth! Smile, radiate, be in complete joy of feeling so much self-love for yourself!

How to find strength during hard times


I have been working a lot past few months! I love what I do SO MUCH and have a hard time turning it off! As a recovering perfectionist who is finding the courage to be imperfect, I find it hard to step back. I have also been dealing with a feeling that stepping back and taking time to recharge will make me lose control over my work! I have been turning to my meditation and pondering if I am working too much and suffering from burnout?

Here is what came to me – there is an abundance of time to reach my goals. And I won’t be able to reach them if I push my body and don’t let it rest. So this Monday I rested – as much as a workaholic and recovering perfectionist can. I created some new mindsets to turn of the negative voices and grabbed some oils – Joy, Envision and Dream Catcher – to recharge! This is the best way to find strength during hard times!

Another observation I had with hard times – they are so valuable! They build us, give us an opportunity to use the tools we have learned or to identify areas where we need to grow. Here are affirmations to help reset your mindset:

I am enough

I am right where I am supposed to be

Challenges are opportunities to learn and grow

I am getting stronger every day

I have the ability to overcome every obstacle

I learn from today for a happy tomorrow

Yoga poses to let go of a hard day

Forward Fold – as you are in this pose, envision all your worries coming off your shoulders

Baby Cobra / Cobra / Upward dog – focus on releasing your shoulders down your spine, elongating your neck and opening your heart

Baddha Konasana (bound angle pose) or Easy Seat – the grounding of these poses provides calming benefits

Savasana – just letting it all go, taking time to rest

Young Living Essential Oils (buy your Oils here)

Frankincense – grounding and calming

Stress Away – relaxing and releasing

Citrus Fresh – uplifting and happy

Valor – courage and strength

Peace & Calming – calming and relaxing

Chakras to focus on and balance

Root chakra – our grounding and foundational chakra

Sacral chakra – our ability to accept others and new experiences

Solar Plexus chakra – our strength and ability to create our life

How do you combine all these?

Write down your affirmations on a piece of paper or in a journal. Grab oils that resonate with you. Find 10 minutes of quietness. Get into a comfortable seat and apply your oils where you are called to apply them. Close your eyes. Cup your nose and take 5-10 inhales to inhale the oils. Say your affirmations out loud 5-10 times each. As you are breathing begin to focus on your Root chakra, located at the base of the spine by the tailbone, as you become more grounded begin to focus on your Sacral chakra, located in the lower abdomen about two inches below your navel, as you feel your energy shift move up to your Solar Plexus chakra, located in your upper abdomen (stomach region). As you have sat and focused on these chakras, begin to open your eyes and moving into forward folds, backbends, and savasana. This quick self-love practice is sure to bring you calm and shift your mindset when you need a break!