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Hello and welcome to Totally Sunny Life! My name is Katie and I am so happy you found me! One of my core believes is that “Everything we need is already inside of us” and with the right tools and guidance, everyone can achieve their full potential. I teach private yoga classes (chair and mat) and create workshops including yoga, meditations and other self-care practices. I use my knowledge of various holistic modalities such as yoga, breathwork, meditation, Reiki & Akashic Records to help discover the power of self-awareness, healing & self-love. I work with clients 1-on-1 in person and online as well as offer group sessions.

My goal is to increase the percentage of happy and healthy people in our community and around the world!


Founder’s Story

After taking one of my first yoga classes 15 years ago, I noticed something very obvious. After just 60 minutes of moving my body and breathing, I felt different. I felt calmer, I felt more whole – I felt more like a version of myself I didn’t know existed. Why wasn’t this more talked about? Why weren’t practices that help us de-stress and feel our best more common?

I started learning and practicing to see what it would do. After a few years, I knew that I had to go through a Yoga Teacher Training to learn all there was to learn. I thought we were going to learn about poses and different breathing techniques but my world was expanded with so much more. The yoga philosophy where Asana (physical poses) was just one of the eight limbs of yoga. I knew I wanted to bring it to others without it feeling intimidating or “woo woo”. I knew if I could share these ancient practices that help bring together our body, mind and soul and feel at peace and complete, people would benefit tremendously. They would feel better, have more clarity, feel empowered and bring so much good into the world.

As I continue to learn more techniques and modalities, I am able to teach others how to release stress, how to meditate, how to bring all parts of them together to take steps that are needed to be their best selves. My vision is to be the support you need to launch yourself into the version of yourself that is at peace and reaching their goals.

Through my own journey and now having the honor to be invited to come along on other’s journeys, I know that inner peace and strong connection to your true-self is a key to being and feeling your best. It is important to me that all the magic that is inside of you be brought out and make an impact on the world.

Katie is incredibly gifted and my sessions with her have been unbelievably clarifying. The insights I have gained are so profound that it has truly shifted my way of thinking. I mentally refer back to our sessions almost daily because it allowed me to release the stress of having to control everything. Having these sessions in a time of deep transformation has given me the reminder that I am on the right path. The peace of mind in that is priceless. 

Akashic records session

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