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Digestive Bliss through Small Intestine!

Through the Freedom Code session (emotion releasing technique) I have become aware that my small intestine could use some support. Empowered with this information I utilized all the tools in my holistic wellness tool box and went to work! A LITTLE ABOUT SMALL INTESTINE I first started to read about small intestine and what it … Continue reading Digestive Bliss through Small Intestine!

The POWER of the words we use

Each word we say or THINK (yup, think!!!) has power. It has the power to give life to new ideas, new mindsets, new opportunities or it has the power to discourage, hurt and even plant lies in our mind. I have come across the term “Conscious Language” through a video I watched. What stood out … Continue reading The POWER of the words we use

Open your heart!

In yoga, heart-opening poses are not only beneficial for physical wellbeing but also for emotional healing! Think of phrases like “It hurt my heart”, “My heart felt heavy” etc. These are not just sayings, our heart is an amazing VITAL organ in our body and our overall wellness is dependent on it and therefore opening … Continue reading Open your heart!

Essential Oils and Inner Work!

Hey friend! I have been working with essentials oils as a part of my inner work and I just love the growth that I am seeing! I have to share it with you! WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO WORK WITH ESSENTIAL OILS? I just choose an oil to support an area that I am looking … Continue reading Essential Oils and Inner Work!

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