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Relaxing breathing technique!

Let’s talk about Alternate Nostril Breathing! Imagine having a tool in your wellness toolbelt that is always with you and helps you feel relaxed, focused and balanced! Learning a breathing technique is easy and so rewarding. You always have your breath with you! And if you don’t have your breath, then we have bigger problems!  … Continue reading Relaxing breathing technique!

March Wellness Newsletter

Happy March! March is here and it’s a great time for new beginnings. What if improving your health was as simple as use this, not that? Or as simple as grabbing a (better) product and using it every day? When I started my clean living journey, I used to make my own cleaners because it was … Continue reading March Wellness Newsletter

Self-care for moms!

Hey, MAMA! Happy International Women’s Day! I know you are awesome and pour so much into your family! But I am here to remind you to pour into yourself! TIP 1 Take that perfect piece for YOURSELF! You know when you are cutting cute perfect veggie pieces for your kids to snack on and eating … Continue reading Self-care for moms!

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