The Vibration of TRUST

I have been growing my Trust and have recently came across an article written by Brian Withers called “Trust, the cornerstone of high vibration”. The article had so many nuggets and I wrote out those that stood out to me. I would like to share them with you.

In the article, Mr. Withers, state “When you choose positive feeling thoughts, you are saying “Source, I trust you”. That idea has really made me examine the power of my trust. I often affirm myself with saying “Everything works out for the best” but if I closely examine it I notice myself applying it in some situations but not the others. That made me realize that my trust in the source can use some strengthening.

Mr. Withers also provides a beautiful affirmation to help grow the trust energy. “I don’t know how this all going to work out, it’s not my job, but I trust you do & will see to it. I am going to keep the resistance (doubt/worry)out of the way so YOU & Law of Attraction can do your thing”

The author also suggests, when feeling low vibe to affirm with “Source, I trust you” and to receive all we need to do is be nice to ourselves & others.

Some other affirmations I have taken note of from the article are:

  • I am going to be nice to myself
  • Trust in your vibration & letting go of managing details
  • Forget details & trust desire itself
  • Mysterious ways in which things manifest
  • I am non-physical Consciousness creating physical reality
  • Allow yourself to be surprised
  • Cultivate an openness. Trust in the vibration, trust in the desire, trust in your Higher Self & let go how things should come to you
  • I choose to practice faith in this linear reality
  • State of joyful, blissful, co-creative imagination
  • Trust vibration is the vibration of the desire itself
  • Be the imaginator, the imagineer, creator of your reality

These are just some of the nuggets I picked up and if something “spoke” to you, I invite you to read the article and take what you need from it!

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