Are you living through your mind or through your heart?

Each moment and in each situation we are making a choice to live through our mind or through our heart. At times the choice is conscious and at times we do it on autopilot based on the programing and patterns that we grew accustom to. But with awareness comes change. If we are aware that we get to decide whether to make a decision through our mind or through our heart, we are able to be more intentional in our lives.

If everything comes from within, then we are able to choose how we want to feel. Applying our mind to situations will give us the feelings of right or wrong but nothing in between. At times those are necessary to make decisions but they are not universal. If we look at a situation from the heart there is no right or wrong. The heart is full of creativity. We might mix wrong colors and get a brown but it’s still a color and we can use it to paint. Looking at things from the heart will break the “perfectionism” mindset and help see myriad of other possibilities in a situation where the mind only sees black or white. So the invitation is to see if thoughts or situations that give you pain or agony are being viewed through the strict lens of the mind. When we change our lens to look from the loving and compassionate side of the heart, we accept imperfection because it’s not wrong, it’s just different.

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