Supporting Natural Female Cycle

Natural Female Cycle can be used as a tool and guide to optimize overall physical and emotional well-being. It starts with getting to know your own, unique cycle. Just like there are seasons in nature, each month woman’s body goes through 4 seasons of female cycle – winter, spring, summer and fall. Understanding each of those seasons as well as what’s beneficial to support during each time, helps create vibrant wellness without discomforts overtaking. Below are some ways to support he body naturally and the days are approximate and can be a few more or less for each one’s unique cycle. All of the oils and supplements mentioned below can be purchased HERE.


On the day the women’s menstrual cycle starts, marks the winter of the cycle. Days 1-5 of cycle are considered the winter and as with winter in the nature, everything slows down and it’s beneficial to find time to rest during this week. Hormones and energy are low and it can be emotionally sensitive time. This is the time to listen to your INTUITION as well as do some VISIONARY and ANALYTICAL thinking to ALIGN with your VISION.

Since it’s an estrogen phase of the cycle oils that are beneficial to use during this time are CLARY SAGE and blends that contain it such as – SCLARESSENCE, LADY SCLAREOL and DRAGON TIME. Applying these oils around the ankles (vitaflex point for reproductive system) once or twice a day, naturally supports women during this time of the month. Oils that support thyroid will also be beneficial to use during this time. Oils such as MYRTLE, MYRRH, LEMONGRASS or ENDOFLEX applied over our throat support natural energy levels throughout the day.


During days 6-14 we enter the spring time of the cycle. During this time estrogen starts to rise and we find ourselves feeling more energetic and productive. This is a great time to start on NEW PROJECTS, PLANNING, STRATEGIZING and BRAINSTORMING. Continuing with CLARY SAGE blends is beneficial during this time as well as adding MINERAL ESSENCE, SUPER B and OMEGAGIZE supplements to support adrenals which are active at this time. Around day 14 thyroid releases a surge of luteinizing hormone. Taking THYROMIN can support thyroid during this time.


Around days 15-17 is the Summer of the cycle. This is the time when COMMUNICATION will be at its peak. Great time for NEGOTIATIONS, MEETINGS and PITCHES. At the start of this phase the ovaries begin to release small amounts of progesterone, which increases daily to a maximum at about day 22. This is a great time to support the cycle with PROGESSENCE PLUS by applying on the forearms from days 15-22 as well as continuing with MINERAL ESSENCE, SUPER B and OMEGAGIZE to support adrenals.

Summer is the fun time of the cycle. You ovulate and feel more energetic and outward focused to nurture relationships.


Days 18-28 are the FALL of the cycle. This is a time when MENTAL CREATIVITY peaks and a great opportunity for PROJECT COMPLETION, ADMINISTRATIVE TASKS and FOLLOW UP MEETINGS. This is a great time for self-reflection and focusing on self-care. Continue supporting the body with PROGESENCE PLUS through day 21 and starting with day 22 begin to slowly decrease PRO PLUS.

My personal cycle support routine goes like this:

Winter – DRAGON TIME around ankles twice a day and ENDOFLEX on my throat throughout the day. Focusing on rest, my vision, listening to my intuition and making plans for next phase.

Spring – Adding in MINERAL ESSENCE, SUPER B and OMEGAGIZE to support my adrenals while continuing with DRAGON TIME. Working on the plan for the rest of the month, strategy for marketing, and creating workshops.

Summer – Switching from DRAGON TIME to PROGESSENCE PLUS on my forearms every morning while continuing with MINERAL ESSENCE, SUPER Bs and OMEGAGIZE. Scheduling the workshops that I worked on during this time.

Fall – Starting to decrease PROGESSENCE PLUS around day 22 through day 28. Focusing on follow up and relationships cultivated during the month.

Here are two videos I recorded sharing this information on my YouTube channel – WINTER and SPRING

Some more information on oils for women can be found HERE

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