Being stuck in a mind loop!

I remember reading the “Mind Hacking: How to Change Your Mind for Good in 21 Days” and finishing it! The finishing part is important because I rarely finish books but this one was so good and insightful, I read it all! What stuck with me after reading it was the loops that run in our brain and without intersecting the loop, we just keep having the same thoughs, same mindset and same outcomes!

Yesterday I noticed a loop that I have never noticed in myself before. Let me set the stage – I am feeling down on myself, I know everything is great and I am happy with my life but I am irritable and not wanting to engage with anyone. I am taking things personally and just in a crappy mood. The thought pattern is “I just have to keep working on it until it’s done”. And that’s when I intersect the mind loop with a question “Why and I doing this?”. It’s late, I’m tired, I’d rather be doing something else, why am I “punishing” myself by working so late.

Self-realization comes – the reason I am working myself so hard is because if I don’t have anything to show for my work – external things – income, recognition etc. – I am not worthy! Tears come streaming in. “Do I love myself?” I ask. The answer is loud and clear “Not unless you have something to show for yourself”. More tears. Why am I so hard on myself? I would never say this to my child or to my husband or to a friend. I would raise them up and say that they are worthy just because they are themselves. But I don’t have the same set of rules for myself. I am hard on myself. Keep myself to a very high standard. And find it hard to love myself if I am not doing “big things”.

Self-acceptance and unconditional self-love! Those are the missing links in the loop! Time to get unstuck! I grab my Chakra deck and pull a card – “Acceptance” is what it says. I read more and get prompted to reflect on “embracing imperfection” “NEW ways of seeing yourself”, “feeling incomplete”, “selling yourself short”. Am I assessing myself accurately? Or am I distorting my reality in a self-defeating way? Can I simply accept myself?

A nice Aroma Freedom Technique session with my favorite oils and I have some great memories to release and journal about and a brand new minset and affirmation! Ready to move into my new minset and get out of the loop I was stuck in!

Yoga and essential oils for releasing anger!


It’s a toxic emotion and it has been studied that anger can literally poison our body! Anger can be expressed in many emotions and none of them make us feel good.


Being aware of when you are experiencing the feelings of anger! What causes it? How do you deal with it? If you to be honest with yourself, it is most of the time due to some limiting belief you have about yourself!

Using yoga, affirmations, meditation and essential oils can help release the feelings of anger.

Liver is a body organ associated with the feeling of anger so yoga postures that support liver function will also support releasing anger.

RELEASE and ABUNDANCE are great Young Living blends to use along your yoga practice, meditation practice and affirmations!

Catching Your Dreams

Catching your dreams! It has different meaning for everyone! Sometimes dreams can be really clear and others you are lost in the land of self-discovery and personal growth!

Social media has certainly created a buzz in the last few years of #goals and #hustle because it’s a highlight reel! And you can certainly find the inspiration in someone’s highlight reel but what’s missing is the work that they have put in. Into themselves and into achieving their goals.

Dreams will look different for everyone! Everyone will also be starting at a different point.

  1. Being really honest with yourself is the first step and focusing on a dream taht is trully yours and not suggested by outside influence (parents, peers, social media).
  2. Breaking your goal down into milestones or steps – what step can I take today to get me closer to that dream?
  3. Create affirmations that encourage you to keep going! Those will be great every day to help your mind get on board and also on the days that you don’t feel like your dreams are within reach.
  4. Allow yourself to change your dreams. You might be really clear today on your dream but it can evolve over time. Give yourself permission to reavaluate your dreams.
  5. Have fun with it! Catching your dreams should be a journey. No one gets to say if your journey should be hard work or easy and graceful. You decide!

Here are my thoughts on catching dreams and using Dream Catcher blend to help catch them!



We started our YouTube Channel! We are going to talk about all things – life, marriage, parenthood, dreams, intimacy, compromise (not with the intimacy of course!)

So here is our vision and let’s begin this journey to a Totally Sunny Life!