Hello! Katie here! One of my biggest passions is to help people! If you are familiar with Enneagrams, I am type 2 – “The Helper”! I knew I wanted to help people before I found out my Enneagram type, but learning about it affirmed for me that it is my true purpose!

Emotional wellbeing and the feeling of happiness have always been two main goals of mine! Throughout my life, I have acquired skills that help to maintain emotional balance and bring feelings of hope, lightness, and love!

Some of my certifications include 200HR yoga training and Reiki 1 certification. I am also fascinated by chakras and how taking a whole body approach to wellbeing and balancing chakras contribute to overall wellness!

I am stepping into my next role – coaching – and offering three UNIQUE sessions just for YOU! All sessions are done online through Skype! I am using Young Living oils in my sessions because I have found that the blends that they provide have great emotional benefits! If you do not have a Young Living account, please let me know and I we will come up with a plan. If you are looking to learn more about these magical oils – go here – LEARN ABOUT OILS


Aromatherapy and Yoga – this session is perfect for anyone that loves self-care and is looking for a customized yoga practice for their needs! During this 45-minute session, we’ll identify limiting beliefs and use yoga poses and breath work along with oils to shed emotions that don’t serve us and identify a new mindset using Young Living Essential Oils!

Identifying Limiting Beliefs – this session is perfect for those that are experiencing a block (things not coming together as you envisioned, things falling through, lack of inspiration) 45-minute session targeted at identifying limiting beliefs that are stopping you from reaching your highest potential.

FEEL GOOD AROMATHERAPY SESSION – this session is perfect as a consistent self-care practice or if you are feeling in the funk. We will use uplifting oils to get you out of the funk, create custom affirmations, and practices to tap into the “FEEL GOOD” energy we create during the session! This 30-minute session includes a guided meditation using oils that lift your spirit and make you feel good. Great self-care practice!