Hello! Katie here! One of my biggest passions is to help people! If you are familiar with Enneagrams, I am type 2 – “The Helper”! I knew I wanted to help people before I found out my Enneagram type, but learning about it affirmed for me that it is my true purpose!

Emotional wellbeing and the feeling of happiness have always been two main goals of mine! Throughout my life, I have acquired skills that help to maintain emotional balance and bring feelings of hope, lightness, and love!

Some of my certifications include 200HR yoga training and Reiki 1 certification. I am also fascinated by chakras and how taking a whole body approach to wellbeing and balancing chakras contribute to overall wellness!

I am stepping into my next role – coaching – and offering these UNIQUE session just for YOU! All sessions are done online through Skype, Facetime or Zoom! I am using Young Living oils in my sessions because I have found that the blends that they provide have great emotional benefits! If you do not have a Young Living account, please let me know and I we will come up with a plan. If you are looking to learn more about these magical oils – go here – LEARN ABOUT OILS


WHAT IS A HAPPINESS SESSION? – Once you completed your Happiness Discovery session, you’ll have a customize Happiness Routine just for you! During the Happiness Session (which is 45 minutes) we’ll go through your Happiness Routine as follows:

  • We’ll start by creating affirmations that help you shift into your new Happiness Minsdet
  • We’ll pair oils that support your affirmations to help you create the new Happiness Mindset
  • We’ll explore yoga poses that are beneficial in strengthening your new Happiness Mindset
  • I will guide you through a meditation created just for you to help you adopt your new Happiness Mindset!