About Us

Hello and welcome to our little space here in the outer-web where we hope to build a community and inspire each other to live the happiest lives! Our names are Katie and Vlad and we met in college! We have bought homes together, raised kids together, moved to another state together but most of all we love to spend time together as a family! We have been hard at work trying to find a balance between being “hands-on” parents while still finding time to spend time together as a couple! We love coffee dates (after dropping kids off at school), traveling as a family (even if it’s a few miles away to a preserve we’ve never explored before) and all things that bring us health and wellness!

One of our most treasured assets is happiness and how to tap into it in times that it’s hard to find the strength to be happy! Katie thrives on happiness and combining her expertise in yoga, meditation, and essential oils has created happiness sessions for all!

We invite you to join us as we share our highs and our lows in the hope they help you in your family lives!